It takes time to make a photograph

This is my blog for my Peak District landscape photography trip, way back in October 2015. Not freshly written as it's the new year but for me it takes a while to compile all the photographs I like and to share with the world. The trip it self was magnificent and purely photography based as it was a response to atmospheric and imminent  weather forecasts, so I packed my bag and went on the road. 

Now before I give the impression landscape photography is easy, it's not for a compelling and original body of work. My previous trip to the Peak District resulted in an absent of any good photographs I liked. The weather didn't work with what I was producing and simply I was 'not good enough' to adapt and be resourceful to churn out compelling work. Though perhaps 'not good enough' is not really the way I like to describe the event, just good experience for the next episode. I wasn't disappointed with the lack of good photographs as my mind is just  switched on in awe with the world and it takes a while for a photograph I produce to grow on me.  One thing I would like to point out just being outdoors and enjoying nature is good enough for me, but being creative is an extra bonus I'm willing to take. 

The thing is we live in a consumerized world where success and need is thought to be expected in an instant but all the great artists had to grow and mature before they blossomed. It's good to slow down at nature's pace once in a while, just like waiting for a cloud to bring a vista together or for the sun to drop lower to warmth the light and seduce the shadows after all human beings are still developed in accordance with mother nature's cycle and pace.

With another window of opportunity now open in October I was  ready to go with another Peak District outdoor immersion, I had to go again it's a beautiful place. The beauty I witnessed was almost overwhelming and taking a good photograph can be harder with my mind already content but I am very happy with the outcome of the pictures below. Perhaps I will share some more pictures from the same trip, time will tell...