New Forest Open Art Exhibition 2015

I am delighted to say my work is displayed at the New Forest Open Art Exhibition. The exhibition is open to all mediums and the majority of work is painting so I'm pleased my submission was accepted and also received a runner up award as the quality is very good.

Before delving into landscape photography my creative release was painting, then I found I could be creative but outdoors my other interest (or necessity) by using a camera and so landscape photography was born. Art and nature combined cohesively.  I wouldn't say photography is any easier than painting, developing a vision and 'seeing'  is a slow process regardless of technique,  framing a faultless composition instead of shaping the framework to one's needs and the scrutinization and rendering of pixel colours and tones to alarm the evocative part of the mind are a few examples so. 

The exhibition is free and open until 12th September at the New Forest Centre, Lyndhurst Hampshire.