A home from home

Spent Christmas in the New Forest in Hampshire. I was hoping for a cold winter for atmospheric conditions, but south of England can be known for mild winters and they have come round regularly in recent years. Anyway as landscape photographer, one has to be optimistic, and after all a walk in the countryside in the fresh air does the mind, body and spirit some good even without producing photographs.

This winter I was rewarded, it wasn't straight forward as I fell ill but still forced myself out on a mild morning  to awaken the senses and came across some good compositions that would look great in atmospheric conditions. Come evening the forecast was for a particularly cold night. This pleased me as it doesn't get overwhelmingly  cold in the south of England but cold enough to produce frost, snow and atmospheric mist and fog. So come early morning, the land was covered in thick frost. Out in the cold I go. A fellow enthusiastic early walker said to me "nice morning to take photographs", hell yes it was. The hoar frost laced all the bare tree branches to the smallest twigs, it was beautiful and the sun still had to make it's presence known. Even the sky looked awesome with broken fast moving cloudscapes up above but it was comfortably still down here.  I took some pictures to warm up and then the sun started break through at the horizon and the warm peachy pink sunlight kissed the hoar frosted trees whilst the sky colourised. It was such a beautiful sight beyond my wildest imagination, the land glowing upon reflection of the peachy-pink sunlight from the cold light blue hoar frost, the juxtaposition was incredible. I think it will be forever locked in my memory of the whole natural experience that no words or even pictures can do justice.  That's what can partly make landscape photography addictive, the realization of our human senses co-existing in rhythm with the natural environment and collectively, the mind relaxing to our once forgotten state of being in the natural world. After all that's where we came from and the urban lifestyle is only a very recent, accelerated way of living. The natural world is a home from home. 

Here are some pictures of the hoar frost.