Speckles of Colour

There are fragments of wonderful woodland across the country, near and far that were perhaps at one time joined together before humans broke up the network.

For every forest or wood there is a picture that's waiting to be discovered. These woods can remain unnoticed from a artist's visionary perspective, the framework stationary for decades and centuries, with only the seasons and weather cycling momentum. The sequence of pictures taken below for example are from very quite woods in the New Forest almost forgotten and left to its own devices. The only people I witness are the local dog walkers, enjoying the wood in their own way. 

September is the start of speckles of colour emerging from all the greens in the forest, before eventually domineering the colour space. The height of autumn is often celebrated but I like and maybe more the suggestive speckles of colour providing attractive echoes and order of colour. After all nature is a place to be at peace, at one and contentment. 

The rich resource of the wood in now forgotten on a community level but now once again appreciated through the artist's connection  and the respectful nature of taking a harmless photographs.